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One solution tailored around your business.

HR and Finance leaders are faced with the same decision every day; “Do we build it internally or do we outsource to experts.” The answer is “YES!”

The ideal solution is a balance of the right amount of resources internally and the right amount of outsourced support.

Corban OneSource has been one of the pioneers in the mid-market HR Outsourcing space for nearly 20 years and we have identified best practices that work in over 19 industries. Each one of our solutions is customized for our clients as 20 years of experience has proven there is no successful “cookie cutter” approach to s successful HR Outsourcing relationship.

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A team of experts helping you reduce risks.

Screenshot of Corban OneSource's 2017 that brochure that goes into detail on each of its solution offerings in the topics of managed payroll, benefits administration, HR support services and the option for a total HR solution that incorporates all 3.

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The Corban OneSource Comprehensive HR Solution is designed for those organizations that are looking for maximum efficiencies across all functional areas of HR (HR, Payroll & Benefits). Deploying our advanced HR technology to make the full employee lifecycle up to 100% paperless allows us to build in compliance in each process to give you peace of mind knowing as soon as a process is finished, everything is compliant. Decades of experience has taught us best practices to reduce risk means building compliance into each step of the process.

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Take better control of your overhead costs.

Clients that select our Comprehensive HR Outsourcing Solution have the added benefit of a 360 degree scalable solution. It gives you the ability to manage high growth phases as well as reductions in force with the least amount of business disruption. Our variable cost model is the most effective way to be able to control costs when scaling up or down with market changes. Efficient, effective HR.