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Our clients view us as a trusted and seamless extension of their own internal resources.

Our clients leverage our decades of experience along with our expertise of advanced technology to develop, customize and execute a best in class solution for their organization. Our clients are our stakeholders and we continually strive to deliver an excellent customer experience for them and their employees. We are relentless in our pursuit of “how can we make things better for our clients” and are not satisfied with the word “can’t” but rather “how.”

Let’s talk.

We know it sounds corny, but we don’t listen to Wall Street, we listen to our customers.

Corban OneSource is one of the oldest, privately owned mid-market Human Resource Outsourcing companies in the U.S. Privately owned means we do not have to divide our focus into pleasing our stockholders and pleasing our clients. We are singularly focused on taking care of our clients. We have developed our successful and time tested best practices over decades and leverage them to benefit our clients in every way possible.

Corban OneSource’s code of values.

Living our Core Values goes way beyond just the 4 walls of our office building. They drive and define who we are and help us live a life full of GRACE:


Give a portion of everything that is received to those in need

One will never stand as tall as when kneeling to help another


Love your neighbor as yourself.  Those who are perfect can cast the first stone

Give everyone the benefit of the doubt especially when there is a gap in communication

Have a sense of urgency as time is our most valuable commodity


Take ownership in everything we do and be accountable to our clients and each other

Foster an environment where feedback is not only encouraged but more importantly accepted openly so that we do not become defensive

If we make a mistake, we are the first to raise our hand and then ask for help to find all possible solutions to correct the situation


Think two steps ahead:  Consistently and proactively anticipate the client’s needs before they ask and before a potential situation can arise

Going beyond expectations is the standard, not the exception


Every interaction is an opportunity to serve and provide support and confidence to those in need. Whether it is a client up the street or a child in need in a remote part of the world makes no difference.

Servant Leadership defines not only what we do but truly who we are:

OUR MISSION:  To glorify God in all that we do and be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us. To continuously strive for a servant heart and an attitude of humility.