HR Outsourcing for Faith-Based Organizations2019-09-25T13:14:29-04:00

Corban OneSource understands faith-based organizations, because we are one.

There is nothing bigger than the mission you serve and we truly understand that simply for the fact of that is who we are and why we too are in business. Supporting faith-based organizations is the core of who we are.

We know that whether you are a faith based / non-profit organization or not, every penny you put to your bottom line goes to support your mission. Corban OneSource has built their best practices model over the last 18 + years to support some of the most recognizable brands in the world. We apply that same methodology to the HR Function within your organization/ministry.

Four individual solutions give you the opportunity to keep “in-house” what you want and outsource the rest. We customize a solution specifically around your organization and bring in the right amount of “leverage” you need in the form of resources.

As ironic as it may sound, The Department of Labor, EEOC and other government agencies don’t discriminate. If you are faith based or not, the government applies the same regulatory laws as they would a traditional business. No matter how many people you are helping/saving.

Our solutions help you run the most efficient faith based organization that you can so you can put your time, talents and resources to your mission. Our suite of solutions listed below help you accomplish this:

You choose which solution fits your organization the best. It could be just one service, any combination of services, or all three.

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“The funding you save us and the support you give us, helps our organization accomplish our mission.”

Bruce F., VP of Church Finances

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