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International payroll outsourcing solutions.

If you’re an executive in an organization with employees around the world, you have a vested interest in ensuring your coworkers are paid promptly, accurately and legally. Finding a payroll professional with experience managing the complexities of global compensation isn’t always easy, however — or affordable. When your organization partners with Corban OneSource, you’ll gain an international payroll outsourcing solution that lets you pay your employees accurately and efficiently in over 90 countries, with all reporting available in one system.

Corban OneSource provides international payroll services to large multinational organizations and businesses about to go global for the first time. As a leading global payroll outsourcing service, Corban OneSource has over 100 years of combined experience tailoring smart solutions to the precise needs of multinational businesses. From Albania to the Virgin Islands, you can count on Corban OneSource to make your payroll solution smarter, better and faster.


Payroll in 50 countries,
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Multinational payroll services you can trust.

Payroll is the biggest expense incurred in business. And although payroll is an administrative versus a strategic function, processing compensation is a necessary administrative task. It’s also extremely time-consuming, and, as your enterprise grows, processing payroll takes increasing amounts of time. When it’s done improperly, it can result in costly penalties and legal problems. Accurate, timely and legal payments are essential, and even under the best circumstances, problems can easily occur. When you’re dealing with international payroll, there’s no room for error.

You need a multinational payroll solutions provider whose best practices will ensure an efficient, smooth and error-free pay cycle — again and again. When you partner with Corban OneSource as your global payroll outsourcing firm, your business gains:

  • Unparalleled expertise. Our global payroll administrators have an average of 15 years of experience. We’ll conduct thorough due diligence to understand your needs and design a custom payroll solution that helps you meet your goals.
  • Built-in redundancy. Are you relying on one key employee to produce your payroll, or looking to give your payroll manager a helping hand without taking on a new hire? We can help. Corban OneSource minimizes the risk associated with having only one payroll employee. Built-in redundancy ensures your business won’t suffer disruption in the event your employee becomes engrossed with other mission-critical tasks.
  • A system of checks and balances. Our global payroll administration solution includes precise reconciliations that ensure payments, taxes and contributions are made accurately and on time.
  • Savings on overhead expenses. Put fewer resources toward overhead and more toward satisfying your customers when you turn over payroll and benefits management to us.

Managing the entire payroll process.

Corban OneSource handles everything from “soup to nuts.” Your dedicated payroll team develops a set of SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) that outlines a customized step-by-step process to efficiently manage the entire payroll process. Click the “Learn More” button below to view an abbreviated list of the functions we handle.

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