ADP is one of the most recognizable software providers when it comes to managing payroll. In fact, more than one million companies rely on the software provider for payroll services. This is because ADP offers a full suite of payroll features like mobile apps for employees, integration with HR and benefits, and scalability. Even with these powerful features, is managing payroll in-house the best option? For companies already using www.runadp.login, opting to outsource payroll instead can unlock new efficiencies and accuracies that are not achievable in-house. Let’s dive into seven reasons why an ADP should outsource payroll.


  1. Save Valuable Time

Companies that outsource payroll save significant time when it comes to HR processes, freeing up HR staff to focus on strategic initiatives that can help drive the companies forward. According to data collected by ADP, in-house payroll processors utilizing www.runadp.login (who run payroll biweekly), spend an average of 235 hours more on payroll-related tasks when compared to those that outsource. This equates to nearly six weeks, which is a substantial amount of time spent on redundant and repetitive administrative tasks.

  1. Reduce Avoidable Errors

Outsourcing payroll can help to automate related tasks for in-house staff. This is important because the repetitive tasks that are required for payroll are easily susceptible to human error. Everything from incorrect data entry to misclassifying employees can occur if HR staff is not careful. Thus, outsourcing the payroll process can help to eliminate these errors so that payroll is accurate.

  1. Improve Compliance

When it comes to payroll, compliance is an essential factor. Unfortunately, many companies using www.runadp.login may not have the expertise or talent in-house to ensure that payroll processes are always up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes. An ADP study found that 33% of companies surveyed faced unintended expenses as a result of government penalties. Of these companies, those who manage payroll in-house were three times more likely to face government repercussions.

  1. Integrate Data and Applications

When companies outsource their payroll functions, it is often easier for the outsourcing partner to integrate payroll, benefits, and time-tracking with other HR functions. As a result, employees may be able to access a wide variety of tools through a single portal, making it easier for them to manage their data.

  1. Maintain Data Security

Payroll often requires handling sensitive employee data like social security numbers, income, and contact information. When companies choose to outsource payroll, they benefit from improved data security as this data can be kept away from prying eyes when the outsourcing partner employs advanced technology, encryption, analytics, and other industry-standard protocols.

  1. Leverage Expertise

When outsourcing payroll, companies have greater access to knowledgeable, experienced HR professionals. For many companies, hiring this type of talent in-house can be cost-prohibitive. However, leveraging the expertise of a reliable outsourcer can be a great way to access industry-leading talent without making an expensive investment.

  1. Control Costs

Costs are a major factor for companies exploring the potential of outsourcing payroll. Fortunately, outsourcing is a great strategy for companies looking to control costs. In fact, some companies report reducing costs by as much as $450 per employee when outsourcing payroll processes.

For these reasons, companies using www.runadp.login should consider outsourcing their payroll. Companies like Corban OneSource, with 26 years of experience providing payroll support to clients with between 75 and 6,000 employees, already use ADP software and have extensive knowledge of the platform. Corban OneSource offers many additional benefits to companies looking to outsource their payroll. For example, our knowledgeable team is entirely based in the United States, enabling us to provide timely support and you don’t have to worry about dealing with faraway time zones. As a result, you get a high level of error-free service.

If you’re a company with 75 to 6,000 employees looking to outsource payroll, Corban OneSource offers the services you need to maintain payroll accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, all while controlling costs. Contact us today to learn more.