For any organization, payroll is a critical component and a major responsibility for HR departments. Most businesses spend between 15% and 30% of their annual revenue on payroll, which means that accuracy is key to ensuring they’re not paying too much (or too little) and maintaining compliance with payroll regulations. For this reason, many organizations turn to payroll software. Let’s dive into some of the reasons why you should access Paylocity and how it can help your HR department.

access paylocity

Paylocity is a suite of HR tools designed to offer employers the functionalities of legacy payroll software but provide employees with a better experience. As a cloud-based human capital management platform, Paylocity helps companies with 75 to 6,000 employees streamline payroll processing, time and attendance, benefits administration, talent management, and more.

Payroll Processing

With Paylocity payroll processing, companies can leverage the platform to streamline their payroll functions. When you access Paylocity, you’ll immediately notice that the payroll platform has many features that help to ensure payroll is accurate, compliant, and on time. With Paylocity, companies can customize their check types, configure audit flags that alter HR to any discrepancies, reduce manual data entry by pulling in data from Time & Labor features, manage domestic and international employees in over 100 countries, integrate with other systems, and ease tax compliance.

While these features make it easier to manage payroll, HR departments still have many other tasks and responsibilities. Thus, outsourcing Paylocity functions to an experienced HR outsourcing partner can free more time that HR can use to focus on more strategic priorities. For nearly three decades, Corban OneSource has been helping companies with 75 to 6,000 employees manage payroll. We understand the evolving payroll landscape and can help you if you want to outsource your Paylocity functions.

Time and Attendance

Paylocity makes it easier for companies to manage employee attendance, schedules, and time-off requests. When employees access Paylocity, they can see accrual balances and request time off that can be easily reviewed by employers. Employers are also able to get rid of manual calculations for shift differentials; the Paylocity platform can apply the right wages based on the hours and days an employee works.

When HR departments access Paylocity, they can improve the efficiencies it delivers by also outsourcing to a reputable HRO like Corban OneSource. Our team understands how to navigate the leading HR software so you can leverage the maximum benefits and provide employees with a better experience.

Benefits Administration

Many employees consider benefits to be one of the most important parts of compensation which means that offering attractive and competitive benefits can improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Additionally, Paylocity offers seamless HR and payroll integrations so that HR departments can ensure eligibility and payroll deductions are accurate. Employees also have the ability to enroll, access, and manage their benefits to give them more control and autonomy over the process. To ensure your benefits administration is even smoother, Corban OneSource provides expert support so you can effectively control costs and offer better benefits packages to employees.

Talent Management

Talent is the lifeblood of any organization, but finding the right talent can be challenging. Employers can access Paylocity to find top candidates for open positions while also automating recruitment and onboarding processes for greater efficiency. Companies can shorten the time-to-hire and eliminate lengthy paperwork processes while also developing a business culture that attracts high-performing talent. Paylocity also enables companies to manage performance and training. With these features, employees can easily collect feedback from peers and supervisors and leverage training resources to advance their careers.

Applicant Tracking System

Companies can offer a superior experience for applicants during the recruitment process when they leverage Paylocity. Integration with over 20,000 job boards gives new job listings greater visibility and a higher probability of landing in front of the right talent. Companies can create custom videos and branded career pages to highlight their culture. Applicants can also schedule a time directly with an interviewer to eliminate the typical back-and-forth scheduling.

Data Insights

As the workforce continues to change rapidly, data becomes an increasingly valuable tool for employers looking to understand what their employees want and need. Paylocity includes a wide range of HR analytics and reporting tools that can give deep insights, whether companies are looking for ready-to-go tools or custom reporting dashboards. These tools enable companies to understand labor costs, analyze diversity, plan for staffing and role changes, and understand turnover trends. This data can help HR departments make more informed decisions and identify where valuable improvements can be made. If you need help identifying the right data points to analyze or developing the right dashboard to give you a better view of your HR processes, Corban OneSource can help.

Corban OneSource has nearly three decades of experience navigating the complex and evolving HR landscape. We’ve worked with the leading HR software and can help you streamline your HR processes by combining the best of digital tools and human expertise. Our team of US-based HR experts can help you configure and integrate tools like Paylocity to have the functionalities your HR department needs to be successful.

We strive to help businesses make the most out of their payroll and accounting systems. At the same time, we know controlling costs is a priority for many organizations, which is why we offer operations support that can be scaled up or down with any size business between 75 and 6,000 employees.

Corban OneSource provides a comprehensive suite of HR solutions including payroll administration, HR outsourcing, and better benefits management. Our streamlined processes help everyone work more efficiently while ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations, regardless of the HR software you decide to leverage. If your business needs assistance managing its payroll or other human resources functions, contact us today and let our team ensure all your business’s administrative tasks are handled so you can focus on achieving strategic priorities that will propel the business forward.