It’s undeniable that ADP has built a reputation as a time-tested software solution for companies looking to manage HR and payroll processes. With a full suite of tools that include payroll, compliance, and benefits administration, the tools are designed to streamline the process for HR professionals and provide a seamless experience for employees. One such tool, ADP Workforce Now, is a cloud-based HR and payroll management system. Still, the vast amounts of customizations, integrations, and other capabilities and features can make an ADP Workforce Now cheat sheet a valuable tool for HR departments. Keep reading to find out why outsourcing can make this process even easier.

adp workforce now cheat sheet

  1. Free Up Valuable Time

The ADP Workforce Now tool is designed to reduce the amount of time HR departments spend on administrative tasks so they can focus on what really matters–developing the company’s people. With Workforce Now, the tool can automate compliance reporting and help companies maintain a single system of record for US and Canadian employees. Even with a tool that is designed to make the process easier, outsourcing can free up even more time. ADP estimates that by outsourcing payroll, companies can save about 235 hours when compared to companies that manage payroll in-house.

  1. Maintain Accuracy

Many aspects of HR and payroll depend on accuracy. ADP Workforce Now is designed to help companies maintain accuracy. However, accuracy depends on the accuracy of the data being imported into the system. By turning to an HR outsourcing partner, companies can reduce avoidable errors that could negatively impact HR and business processes. As you’re building an ADP Workforce Now cheat sheet, maintaining accuracy should be at the top of your list.

  1. Leverage Valuable Insights

An important feature of ADP Workforce Now is the ability to create and generate reports that can provide important insights to HR professionals, either with premade or custom templates. When companies outsource ADP Workforce Now, companies should seek to work with HROs who have significant experience working with the tool and understand how reports can be generated that provide business value.

  1. Keep Data Safe

HR departments handle immense amounts of employee data, much of which is sensitive data like social security numbers, income, and contact information. Outsourcing HR can offer improved data security as this data can be kept away from prying eyes when the outsourcing partner employs advanced technology, encryption, analytics, and other industry-standard protocols.

  1. Access Expertise

Finding experienced and knowledgeable staff to hire in-house can be challenging, especially when a competitive job marketplace can make it difficult to find the right talent to oversee ADP Workforce Now. When outsourcing, companies can choose to partner with an HRO that has decades of experience and industry-leading expertise. This makes the HRO a valuable asset to any organization looking to create an ADP Workforce Now cheat sheet.

  1. Improve Employee Experience

For any organization, its people are essential. Disengaged and disappointed employees will not hesitate to seek out better job opportunities, thus, creating an environment where employees are satisfied and empowered can help improve business outcomes. A feature of ADP Workforce Now is its features for managing talent from performance to training. Outsourcing to an experienced HRO will help companies manage this aspect of the platform as well. At the same time, the platform also simplifies the process of benefits management for employees and HR staff alike.

  1. Ensure Compliance

When dealing with HR, companies are held to strict compliance requirements. When outsourcing to an HRO, an experienced partner will be able to help companies navigate compliance through their ADP Workforce Now system. As a result, companies can avoid costly penalties that result from non-compliance with relevant HR and payroll laws.

  1. Integration With Other HR Tools

Another advantage of ADP Workforce Now is its ability to integrate with other HR tools for time tracking, insurance, and other purposes. With a wide range of integrations, it can be difficult to choose the right ones. Fortunately, an experienced HRO can help companies with 75 to 6,000 employees build a full suite of HR tools to benefit the organization.

If you’re looking for assistance with ADP Workforce Now, consider outsourcing to an HRO like Corban OneSource. With over two decades of experience working with ADP software and companies that have 75 to 6,000 employees, we have the expertise needed to help companies streamline their HR processes. Corban OneSource has US-based staff to eliminate communication barriers, quick response times, accuracy, and high levels of service to make the process stress-free. Contact us today to learn more about how we use technology like Workforce Now to support HR activities.