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For nearly 20 years, we have been helping auto dealers put between 24% to 32% straight to their bottom line every year.

HR Outsourcing for Automotive Dealerships.

When it comes to running a successful automotive dealership, volume and efficiency are the name of the game. Chances are, if you want to sell more vehicles, then you’ve already determined the most efficient process. What you may not know is that efficient human resources functions can also improve your profitability. Corban OneSource applies this same methodology to the HR function within your organization.

At Corban OneSource, we furnish four individual solutions that give you the opportunity to keep “in-house” what you want and outsource the rest. We customize HR outsourcing for car dealerships that’s tailored to the specific needs of the business, bringing in just the right amount of “leverage” you need in the form of resources.

Scalable HR Solutions for Car Dealerships

Ask yourself this question: Does it make sense to keep an entire staff in-house to handle basic HR functions, like processing payroll and enrollment in benefits, when you could outsource these tasks to a professionally trained staff — and for less money? Imagine deploying the resources you save with HR outsourcing services on marketing initiatives that help sell more vehicles. At Corban OneSource, our benefits administration, human resources and payroll outsourcing puts money back in your pocket.

With Corban OneSource, you can:

  • Get a la carte human resources outsourcing at one price for three years. Choose between payroll, human resources or benefits administration outsourcing, or choose all three. With a three-year contract, you won’t have to worry about unanticipated expenses driving down your bottom line.
  • Boost the functionality of your human resources system. Corban OneSource works with several HRMS systems. We can help you gain the most functionality out of your current technology, or customize a new program that will boost operational efficiencies.
  • Put your employees’ talents where they belong. Corban OneSource relieves the burden your employees face when they have to complete administrative tasks they weren’t hired for. Spend your time thinking strategically instead of meeting administrative hurdles with us.
  • Get personalized attention. Corban OneSource will personalize your service so you work with one professional who specializes in your business. We’ll get to know your operations inside and out so you won’t have to get us up-to-speed every time you call.
  • Reduce paperwork and compliance headaches. Corban OneSource makes going paperless easy. We also give you access to our legal team to ensure your business stays in compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Our Services

Corban OneSource makes your car dealership’s operations smarter, better and faster. With our help you can:

  • Get help with paperwork-heavy tasks. Corban OneSource is the human resources professional’s right hand. We can assist with time-consuming but necessary tasks such as onboarding new hires, processing transfers and promotions, and leading separation processes. We can also manage job applicants and ads, establish policies and procedures, and furnish your business with a customized employee handbook.
  • Make payroll someone else’s front-office priority. Car dealerships have complex payroll schemes and commission and bonus structures. Corban OneSource provides payroll services to some of the most complex businesses in the world — including international businesses that employ several thousand people. We can process payroll tax payments, employee benefits contributions, garnishments and more. We’ll also reconcile every pay cycle to our strict quality assurance standards, ensuring your payroll will be completed accurately and on time.
  • Get help managing employee benefits. Employee benefits are expensive — especially when you add dealer cars into the mix. Does your existing staff need a hand managing your benefits resources? Partner with Corban OneSource and we can help you identify inefficiencies and inaccuracies, and advocate on your behalf with carriers and brokers.

You choose which solution fits your organization the best. It could be just one service, any combination of services, or all four. At Corban OneSource, we’re the automotive dealer’s trusted resource for expert human resources outsourcing. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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