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1501, 2018

Protect Your Company from W-2 Fraud

The beginning of the year is always full of new resolutions, habits, and hopes. It’s a new year, and with that new excitement comes new forms to fill out. Right now, we are in the midst of W-2 season. Employees around the nation are filling out these forms and sending them to their HR department or organization, but some don’t fully comprehend the amount of important information on this document. Can you remember and list all the information you recorded

612, 2017

Holiday Pay Practices: What’s Required?

Lights, trees and decorations are going up. Ovens are fired up for seasonal holiday baking, and carols can be heard all around. All this means that it's the most wonderful time of the year. Paid time off and holiday pay is a greatly appreciated benefit that will help to attract and retain employees. Companies that offer flexibility during the holidays definitely have an edge compared to companies that offer limited holiday pay and time off. While we all scramble to

1011, 2017

Corban Cares: Operation Christmas Child

Did you know that just one shoe box can bring an immense amount of joy to child? Operation Christmas Child brings joy and hope to millions of child around the world with a simply packed shoe box. Filled with gifts, the shoe boxes are delivered to children in hundreds of countries, giving them joy and the simple products they need. This shoe box is packed with all kinds of items, such as toys, coloring books, hygiene products, clothing or other

1610, 2017

How HR Outsourcing Can Help Your Company Succeed

Keeping up with all the paperwork and compliances can be a headache for some organizations' finance and HR personnel. Sometimes, it seems like there is just one thing after another, and no one can keep up. You need to focus on other things, such as your company's strategy for success in 2018. Switching to HR outsourcing can save you and your HR and finance personnel a lot of time and money.  Take a look at just two of the ways

1409, 2017

What Employee Wellness Means Now

The definition of employee wellness has dramatically expanded over the years and of course, decades. It wasn't so long ago that companies defined employee wellness as providing insurance to make sure workers were healthy and able to work. Over time, it has progressed into something much more expansive. Employee wellness isn't defined as exclusively physical now, but also being emotionally, financially, mentally well. Listing all the parts of overall well-being seems overwhelming, but when you think it about it, it

1408, 2017

Our 20th Anniversary

We're celebrating our 20th anniversary! Corban OneSource has been tremendously blessed over the past two decades with wonderful clients, employees, and experiences. We have stood firm on our three pillars - serving our community, our Creator, and our clients. These pillars gave us something to rejoice in through the good times and guided us through in the bad. They shape who we are as a company and will continue to do so as we venture into the next 20 years.