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February 2021 Monthly Update | Great Work Perks Reviews

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Lets look into the future and predict a time when the economy is roaring and hiring and retaining good employees becomes the focus again. You want your company  to have great work perks reviews.   Towards that end we look at some possible benefits and perks. One of them is home buying assistance and that is our lead article.   That is followed by an article on how remote work is making it easier to buy a home. See two other articles on Benefits and finally a vaccine in the workplace report.


Corban OneSource, CEO

Excerpt from above article:

Employer Assisted Housing Program EAHP

Competition for employees is fierce now and you want to get great work perks reviews.  There are ​unlimited tools that an employer has at their disposal that can be used to aid in employee retention and help remain competitive in their industry. Perks like company health insurance benefits and a 401k plan are still great selling points, but for a lot of applicants, these things are the bare minimum and are offered by most employers.   One benefit that has been becoming increasingly popular with applicants is Employer Assisted Housing Program EAHP. This  perk can come in many forms as the buying process can be a long and tedious one that requires multiple steps.

While there are a variety of benefits your company can offer, an Employer Assisted Housing Program EAHP is one that they need now with a housing shortage on our hands.  With a labor shortage and high housing prices, as an employer, it’s important to keep in mind the wellbeing of your staff. Assisting them in any way that you can will help them feel safe and satisfied with their position in the company and show that you truly do have their best interest at heart.

Financial wellness programs are company-backed programs designed to help educate employees on topics like financial literacy and money management in order to improve their overall financial well-being. These programs may include investment advisors, financial coaching or money management platforms, it will be up to your discretion to decide which would be the most beneficial for your company. Businesses should also be wary though as the price for these plans can vary dramatically depending on the type of program.

There are a number of reasons why companies might offer an employee wellness program. But if an employee is looking into buying a home, then offering a comprehensive financial wellness program could help them keep track of their finances and learn about aspects of the home buying process before they kick off their home search. For instance, before buying a home, many people don’t even know things such as ​how to get a mortgage preapproved or what the process may entail. This program will not only aid them in such processes, but will also assist your company’s HR department in becoming a knowledgeable resource for these things as well.

Not only that, but this program is a massive benefit for all types of employees, whether it’s a younger employee just starting out in their field and trying to get a hold of their financial situation or an older professional that is trying to ensure they’re in a good place financially before retirement.

Another more commonly used alternative to a full-fledged financial wellness program that many companies implement is partnering with a local bank or real estate agent. Employers may offer sponsorship in exchange for things like Q&A sessions hosted by real estate professionals or banking professionals after work hours or during lunch to answer any questions that employees may have. This is different from a financial wellness program as it works as a give and take relationship where the company partners with local businesses in order to educate employees while also driving employees to use those particular companies.



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