Renewable energy is vital as companies strive to ensure a more sustainable world for future generations. As the industry grows so does the need to have HR professionals that understand the renewable energy industry to simplify this aspect of the business. With 90% of small businesses handling their HR in-house, recruiting a new employee takes at least 30 hours on average and companies spend about 8 hours a week managing the enrollment process. Outsourced HR (HRO) gives you time to run your renewable energy business while renewable energy consultants cover your technical practices.

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What is HRO in Renewable Energy?

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) is a way for renewable energy companies to manage their HR needs without hiring additional staff or investing in expensive technology solutions. By outsourcing, they can control operational costs and focus on what they do best—pursuing renewable energy projects. With an HRO, companies have access to experienced professionals who can provide services such as:

  • Building teams for capacity projects
  • Promoting gender diversity initiatives
  • Creating a positive work environment
  • Recruiting and retaining the right talent
  • Managing payroll and general HR tasks
  • Providing career development opportunities
  • Offering competitive compensation packages

By working with an HRO, such as Corban OneSource who has experience helping companies with 75 to 6,000 employees with their outsourced HR, renewable energy companies can ensure their HR needs are taken care of.

How an HRO can Benefit the Renewable Energy Industry 

Outsourced HR can benefit renewable energy companies by solving several human resource challenges. Here we will discuss some common challenges in the industry and how HRO can improve them.

Attracting Proper Talent

The renewable energy field is growing daily, but it is hard to find knowledgeable workers with the correct skill set to join your team. Through a global network of contacts, an HRO company can help connect you with the renewable energy consultants you require. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, thousands of jobs in green industries, such as renewable energy, will need to be filled in the coming years. Instead of spending numerous hours a week on hiring, utilizing an HRO like Corban OneSource which is experienced in helping companies with 75 top 6,000 employees reach their HR goals, you can be confident you will be able to attract proper talent to your business.

Retaining your Workforce

Employee retention is vital in any industry, but this is doubly true in renewable energy where talent and knowledge are required to excel in this field. An outsourced HRO can help create and sustain a positive work environment that encourages employees to stay with your company. This includes providing career development opportunities, engaging employees, and offering competitive compensation packages. By helping to create a positive work environment and providing employees with career growth opportunities, you can retain more of your workforce. With 77% of renewable energy experts beginning in another field, you want to keep employees around so they don’t go looking for other opportunities, allowing renewable energy consultants to benefit.

Capacity Building for New Projects

Renewable energy companies may need additional staff when taking on new projects. An HRO quickly and efficiently provides the right personnel for short-term projects through its access to a global network of experienced professionals. This controls the operational cost and the time needed to hire employees on your own. Compared to doing these tasks in-house where you would need to invest in recruiting and training new employees, HR renewable energy consultants can provide a more cost-effective solution for finding the right employees to fit long and short-term projects.

Gender Diversity

Companies that have above-average diversity scores in their leadership report a 45% higher innovation revenue according to BCG. With HROs having access to a global network of qualified men and women, renewable energy consults can help companies take advantage of innovative and diverse leadership to help companies succeed.

Renewable energy companies face a variety of HR challenges to succeed. Companies need access to experienced professionals, keep up with gender diversity initiatives, provide career development opportunities, and offer competitive compensation packages. By working with an HRO such as Corban OneSource companies to reach their HR goals, renewable energy companies can ensure their needs are taken care of efficiently and cost-effectively. With the right strategies and resources in place, renewable energy businesses can attract proper talent and retain more staff while promoting innovative leadership that drives success. Explore our HR services here and get started today.