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Trusted HR Outsourcing Solutions for a variety of industries.

Our clients consist of some of the most recognizable global brands and leaders in their industry to regional privately held companies with a smaller footprint. Whether you are a growing company in the oil & gas industry owned by a non-U.S. based entity or a resort located near Disney World, Corban OneSource can customize a solution around your business. We offer HR Outsourcing solutions for a diverse clientele specializing in corporations with between 100 and 4,000 employees.

Whether you’re looking to streamline the payroll process, improve benefits administration, upgrade your hiring processes, or are interested in any other HR outsourcing solutions, we have the firsthand experience and extensive training required to help improve your efficiency, save money, and reduce risk. We are also extremely proud to serve a variety of industries, ensuring that regardless of the business, we are equipped to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Some of our clients elect to outsource all of their HR services to our qualified specialists, while others use our HR Outsourcing solutions to complement their existing team and remove stress from an over-burdened department.

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