Simply put; We help you win more AOR’s/BOR’s and keep them longer.

Learn how we can help National Insurance Brokers win more business by pulling your clients out of a PEO in the video below.

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Protect Your Book of Business

Protect your relationship with clients. We do not compete with you in any way so not only do you never have to worry about getting blindsided by losing one of your valued clients to one of your “partners,”

Generate More Revenue

We offer generous recurring revenue sharing programs to qualified partners. A simple introduction can lead to a large revenue stream for you.

Build Tighter Client Relationships

Premium, cloud–based HR service. One place for clients to get HR–related support from credentialed experts. Demonstrate your leadership in the industry with the latest technology.

Uncover New Opportunities

Get proactive, analyzing data to build service. Spend more time building relationships, less on administrative tasks. Simplify client operations, and build confidence in your advice

Our first goal is make sure your clients are happy

We have a 98% client retention so you can have peace of mind knowing they are going to call you and thank you for introducing us.

Why should national insurance brokers partner with Corban OneSource? Let’s face it, competition in the benefits space is tough and everyone is trying to differentiate themselves. So what are you “bringing to the party” that your competitors are not ? Whether you have existing clients or trying to win new ones, you want to be the “go to” resource for them. Their trusted advisor.

The Corban OneSource Solution is more robust than anything available in the marketplace today and we want to work with you to bring all that value to your clients.

We don’t compete with you in any way

Anything to do with an Insurance Broker of Record (Major Medical, Dental, Ancillaries, 401(k), etc. etc.) all go to you. We are NOT an Insurance broker and we will never refer another Insurance broker into your account and will do everything we can to help you keep the business.

Offer your clients more options

Each solution that Corban OneSource offers is customized for your specific client. In an effort to develop the perfect solution, we can either meet with the client by phone or in person depending on time schedules to conduct our due diligence meeting. Formulate the best overall strategy and meet with you and the client in person to go over our recommendations.

Corban OneSource solutions are all custom (HR Administration, Payroll Administration & Benefits Administration) so it allows you to offer more choices to your clients. With clients in 48 states and 6 countries, we can come along side your agency to allow you to offer a suite of solutions to your clients across the U.S. and 135 other countries.

We pay commissions on all referrals

We pay a monthly commission for new clients very similar to an insurance product and the only thing you have to do is make the introduction. Imagine being able to offer your clients a world class Human Resources department for less than the cost of a part time employee and at no cost to you. Now think about what it would mean to your Insurance Broker Business business to have a second source of revenue.
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If you are trying to take a company out of a PEO, we can help!

We make it significantly easier for you to take a company out of a PEO and your client will save money and not have to do any of the work the PEO was doing. You take anything related to an Insurance Broker of Record and we take all of the HR Admin and HR Technology. You win, the client wins and we win. The perfect solution. ”

We understand the Insurance brokers-client relationship.

We know that you’re putting your name on the line and your trust in us. Our goal is to take such great care of the clients you refer to us that they are coming back to you and saying: “Thank you for introducing us to people at Corban OneSource, they are awesome!”

Trust us to grow your national insurance brokers book of business.

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