If you’ve been looking into the HR Business Process Outsourcing, good for you! HR outsourcing has some distinct advantages over internal HR departments and Professional Employment Organizations and can be a tremendous asset for your business. HR outsourcing can help you get your payroll and benefits under control, streamline your HR accounting process and save you time and money.

HR Business Process Outsourcing
But how does HR outsourcing work? Does a team come in one day and take control of all of your employees? Do you send your employment data to the HR outsourcing company and then never hear from them again? If you’re wondering what the process of HR outsourcing is, you’re being a good manager. It’s only natural to want to completely understand the HR outsourcing process before moving forward on it with your own business.

The HR Outsourcing Process

The HR outsourcing process at Corban OneSource is fairly straightforward. The whole idea is to make things simpler for you and your business, not more complicated. It starts with you selecting which modules you want for your HR outsourcing. Corban OneSource offers four Human Resources management modules: HRIS, which is the HR technology platform, Payroll Processing and Administration, HR Administration and Benefits Administration. You choose which modules you want for your business. You can opt for one, two, three or all four, depending on your needs and how comfortable you are with HR outsourcing.

Once you’ve discussed the options and selected your modules, Corban OneSource assigns you a dedicated representative to handle your account, or a team of representatives should your business structure necessitate it. This is your team’s personal support staff. You retain total control of all the decisions like hiring and firing and how resources are allocated. We just support these decisions and help you manage them. Then the process really begins.

The first step is the audit. This allows Corban OneSource to identify potential areas of risk and develop Standard Operating Procedures which allow everyone on your team, including your Corban OneSource support staff, to know exactly what the procedures are and what is expected of everybody involved. Once that step is complete, your Corban OneSource support staff will make recommendations for best practices. As with all decisions, you decide which recommendations you wish to implement.

HR Business Process Outsourcing in Action

From then on, it’s all about supporting you and your team with top-notch, dedicated HR support. Communication lines are always wide open, so you know exactly what’s happening with your HR at all times. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing you don’t have to worry about these issues and frees you up to do the important work of actually running your business.

Now that you understand the process, it’s time to talk about putting it to work for you. Whether you work in health care, venture capital, car dealerships, non-profits, education or a host of other businesses, Corban OneSource has an HR solution to tailor to your specific needs. Contact Corban OneSource today to get started.  We specialize in companies with 75 to 6,000 employees.