Employers responding to a Harris poll conducted on behalf of CareerBuilder ranked their top staffing challenges as follows:

  1. Retaining top talent (32 percent)
  2. Lifting employee morale (31 percent)
  3. Providing competitive compensation (27 percent)
  4. Worker burnout (26 percent)
  5. Maintaining productivity levels (25 percent)
  6. Managing organizational changes (20 percent)
  7. Employee engagement and Providing upward mobility (tied at 17 percent)
  8. Providing enough training activities (15 percent)
  9. Cutting down on cost-per-hire (12 percent)
  10. Lack of succession planning and Limited recruitment budget (tied at 11 percent)

Staffing Challenges

8 Ways to Control Employee Turnover

Here we list the 8 ways to keep your turnover under control and solve your staffing challenges. You can’t please them all.

  1. Foster a congenial workplace. Everyone likes a complement and a healthy environment.
  2. Flexible work scheduling.  In the age of staffing shortages and Covid variants a hybrid work at home and office policy might be best.  Another even more aggressive option is to make workin gin the office optional. Some people prefer the office and others don’t.  You will save on office lease space with the at home employees.
  3. Good benefits which include health, Dental, Vision and generous time off.
  4. Good wages  that are competitive with your area or in the remote employees area.
  5. Avoid layoffs. This gives your company a bad reputation and news travels fast these days on Social Media.
  6. Convenient commute or if not possible than let the far away ones work at home.
  7. Good boss which means fair and equitable to all his or her reports.
  8. Recognition which can mean a mention, an award, or cash bonuses.

We recently thought of #9: Have a clear and logical social media policy.  These days everyone checks on social media before they come out for an interview so you have to foster a good reputation.

Corban OneSource Can Help Solve your Staffing Challenges

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