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Why Non Profit HRs Outsource

To become a successful nonprofit, there are many obstacles these organizations must navigate. From attracting and retaining donors to measuring impact, managing cash flow, rising operating expenses, and more, nonprofits must strategically manage their operations to achieve efficiency. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nonprofit organizations employ 10.2% of all employees working in the private sector, which is 12.5 million individuals. With this many employees to manage, a nonprofit HR can easily become a concern for many organizations.

How To Perform in a Review

When I first started out as a manager, I wasn’t sure who was more nervous in a performance review – me or my employee. For some reason, I was oddly nervous that I wouldn’t give a good performance in a review and end up in a performance review meme.
As time went on, I became more comfortable and understanding of what my employees were really looking for. Of course, they wanted to hear what they excelled in, but what I found difficult was delivering constructive criticism and ideas for 

4 Ways To Help Company Culture

Company culture quotes are everywhere in digital media today and no wonder because it is immensely important for any business trying to grow and evolve. We have to constantly change and shift with the times, and technology is our biggest influencer of this. With constant and almost manic-like updates of newer version releases, it’s symbolic of the actual user base and how they are adjusting to everything else going on at work.  Software aside, mobile platforms are taking a firm grip on how we communicate with not just our clients, but our coworkers as well.