In today’s economy, businesses are always looking for ways to control costs and streamline their operations. One area that can be greatly improved is the HR department. A virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can be a great asset to a company when it comes to making recommendations about HR outsourcing. But why is this and what are the benefits of utilizing HR BPO services?

virtual chief financial officer
Virtual CFOs and HR BPO

 A virtual chief financial officer is someone who provides financial consulting and advice to a company from a remote location. They are often used by small to medium-sized businesses that cannot afford to hire a full-time, on-site CFO. While they may not be physically present in the office, they can still provide invaluable guidance and support to the company and HR BPO is no different. With over 300,000 jobs being outsourced per year in the US, there is a reason for the use of HR BPO services and opting for a virtual CFO.

One of the main reasons a virtual CFO would recommend HR outsourcing is because it can help to control costs. The cost of maintaining an in-house HR department can be significant, especially when you factor in things like salaries, benefits, and office space. By outsourcing your HR functions to a third-party provider, you can drastically reduce your overhead costs. In addition, several other benefits come with HR outsourcing. When you outsource your HR functions, you can:

  • Enjoy greater flexibility
  • Focus on your core business
  • Receive comprehensive support
  • Have access to expert knowledge

In addition, a virtual CFO may look at the company’s overall structure and decide that it would be more efficient to outsource certain functions, like payroll or

recruiting. This would free up time for the HR department to focus on more strategic initiatives, allowing the organization to streamline operations and be more efficient.

What Virtual CFOs look for in an HR BPO

 When looking for an HR BPO, a virtual CFO will look for a few key things. First, they want to make sure that the provider has experience working with companies of similar size and scope. They will also want to see a track record of success and testimonials from happy clients so they can be confident that the provider is capable of meeting the needs of their company. Additionally, they will want to make sure that the provider offers a full suite of HR services. This way, they can be sure that all of their outsourced needs will be taken care of by one provider.

A virtual chief financial officer will want to make sure that the provider has a knowledgeable and helpful team. This will make it easy for the company to access its HR information and make changes as needed. With experience helping companies with 75 to 6,000 employees, Corban OneSource has the knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive HR outsourcing services.

Outsourcing your HR functions can be a great way to control costs and improve efficiency. A virtual CFO can be a great asset when it comes to making recommendations about which functions to outsource. Learn more about choosing an HR BPO and contact Corban OneSource.