Work Smarter With Corban OneSource

Corban OneSource is the human resources outsourcing company that enhances the productivity of your workforce and protects the resources of your business. Our benefits administration, human resources and payroll management professionals reduce inefficiencies and redundancies while cutting overhead — and that means your staff members can do the job they were hired for, instead of spending time processing paperwork and answering frequently asked questions.

Quite simply, our full-service HR outsourcing provides human capital solutions that allow organizations to work smarter, better and faster. And that means your employees can turn their attention to the initiatives that will help your enterprise grow.

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Corban OneSource’s HR outsourcing professionals, who have over 100 years of combined experience, help our clients boost profitability and reduce risk by process mapping, leveraging advanced technology and surrounding it with the right people in the right seats. Our proven methodology has been developed

Corban OneSource’s customized human resources solutions offer:

  • Personalized support. Your business will work with one specialist in each function. That ensures we’ll get to know your business as well as you do.
  • Price assurance. Corban OneSource provides your business with a three-year contract that ensures your human resources outsourcing cost won’t change when you least expect it. That makes financial planning easier.
  • Paperless administration. A one-stop login portal for employers and employees makes every process easier and faster, from onboarding to exiting.
  • A la carte partnership. Hire us as your benefits outsourcing company, your payroll outsourcing firm, your HR support partner or all three. We scale to your needs.
  • Compliance management. Corban OneSource manages all compliance issues and provides the technology that makes information accessible when you need it.

HR Support Services

HR Laws are ever changing and compliance has never been more important to avoid fines and lawsuits.

Managed Payroll

Payroll is the least strategic yet most time consuming aspect of any business. It is the first place clients look to outsource.

Benefits Administration

The second largest expense to companies only behind payroll. One of the top areas for lost profits.

Corban OneSource lets you customize the level of support your enterprise needs. Make us your partner and:

  • Take compliance headaches off your plate. Regulations and laws tighten and change every year. Maintaining compliance is essential to avoid fines and lawsuits. With human resources support from Corban OneSource, you can protect your business and employees, but spend less time and fewer resources managing compliance headaches.
  • Get back valuable time. Payroll is the least strategic, yet most time consuming, aspect of any business. It’s often the first function organizations want outside help with. Corban OneSource is the international payroll outsourcing company that gives you back precious time.
  • Gain smarter benefits administration. Benefits are the second-largest expense to companies, only behind payroll, and one of the top areas for lost profits. Benefits administration outsourcing from Corban OneSource helps businesses get these expenses under control.

Your dedicated Corban OneSource team is ready to help your business work smarter, better and faster. Get in touch with us to learn more.