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Human resources outsourcing solutions.

Whether you work in finance or human resources, chances are your role is a blend of administrative and strategic responsibilities. Effective leaders know that strategy always outweighs administration in importance. Yet, failing to complete essential administrative tasks in a timely fashion results in expensive, real-world consequences. Fines and even sanctions harm the bottom line and, sometimes, a business’s reputation.

Yet, when completing administrative tasks becomes more time-consuming and important than charting the organization’s future, the company suffers. If this is the challenge your business is facing, then it’s time to consider outsourcing human resources.

Jack Welch put it best when he observed that human resources outsourcing turns a business’s back office function into another enterprise’s front-office responsibility. At Corban OneSource, we furnish custom HR outsourcing solutions that help employees focus on the jobs they were hired for — and that means your business can work smarter, better and faster.

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Fully customized solutions.

Corban OneSource is the HR support solutions provider that partners with your existing staff members to furnish customized, scalable answers to your biggest organizational challenges. At Corban OneSource, we know that no two organizations are the same. Trying to align the needs of different businesses with a big box, “one-size-fits-all” solution simply does not work.

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When you partner with Corban OneSource, you can reduce compliance risks, boost profitability and improve employee relations and productivity. We help you leverage best practices with specialized industry expertise that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive, freeing your human resources team to concentrate on more important strategic initiatives, like organizational development, succession planning and corporate culture.

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Our best practices methodology allows you the ability to scale up or down with market conditions using the same technology and processes, which virtually eliminates any disruption in your core business.


Through thorough due diligence and over 100 years of combined experience in the human resources field, Corban OneSource will create the plan that will help your business achieve its goals.