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More benefits, less administration.

Employee benefits are a terrific way to attract and retain high quality employees. They’re also expensive — traditionally, benefits are the second-highest expense for employers, second only to payroll. The busier your employees are, the less time they have to reconcile invoices, manage compliance and enrollment and address employee-specific issues related to ERISA and HIPAA.

When you want to provide your team with the benefits that will keep them happy, but you’re concerned about wasting time and money managing a complex plan, a custom benefits administration solution can help your business operate smarter, better and faster.

Benefits administration solutions from Corban OneSource can help your business maximize your investment in its employees while minimizing costs. Your dedicated Corban OneSource benefits administration solutions provider will create a customized plan that provides for your employees while protecting the business’s bottom line.

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When your human resources team partners with Corban OneSource, your organization will gain access to more than an effective and resource-efficient benefits administration solution. You’ll also have the opportunity to scale your services as your business grows. In addition to benefits administration outsourcing, we also provide enhanced human resources support and payroll administration. Let your human resources professionals tackle the projects that are essential to the health of your enterprise, and leave the paperwork to us.

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Staying in compliance with today’s complex rules and regulations means businesses must invest more in human resources. Corban OneSource can ensure your human resources practices adapt to required policy changes seamlessly — without having to deploy additional resources to a function that does not directly add to the customer experience.

With Corban OneSource, you can:

  • Get help tracking compliance with regulations such as the Affordable Care Act. Avoid fines and lawsuits resulting from noncompliance with ACA rules. If your business or enterprise employs more than 50 people, call us to talk about your healthcare benefits plan.
  • Get legal help with ERISA and HIPAA. Your dedicated Corban OneSource benefits administration professional will connect you with our legal team when compliance questions regarding legislation arise.
  • Avoid fines and lawsuits. No business wants to waste resources on avoidable problems. Get in touch with us and we’ll ensure your organization stays compliant.
  • and much more!