Our thanks to veterans could never be thoroughly conveyed through words alone, That is why we see a happy veterans day meme here and there. But we continue to try each and every day to express our gratitude to them for their sacrifice. Our support extends to those who have served and are currently serving, both abroad and at home. When soldiers come home, the transition from a military life to a civilian life is never an easy one. Emotionally, physically, and mentally, it is a challenging change.

Happy veterans day meme
The lack of jobs on the market available to veterans only adds to the difficult transition.  Fortunately, some organizations are there to help them such as the Veterans Support Coalition New York.

Those who have served our country have struggled to find jobs. This has been an ongoing issue in American since 9/11, according to the the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Businesses don’t realize what an asset it is to hire veterans. Indeed it often takes a happy veterans day meme raise awareness of the skills of veterans in the workplace.

According to Forbes Staff writer Jeff Kauflin, a Harris poll reported “37% of employers said they’ll actively recruit veterans in the next 12 months.” We should be making it easier for veterans to find jobs and to hire them.

“There’s a tremendous upside for hiring a vet. From a business case, it’s there. It’s there because of the discipline they have, the life experiences, the cultural exposure, the team mentality, the mission before self, their loyalty to an organization, their adaptability. They care about each other and care about people!” says Admiral Michael G. Mullen, USN (Ret.) Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Happy veterans day meme
Translating military skills to skills used on a resume or interview can be difficult for veterans. The military world is quite a large one and a diverse one at that. Veterans harness a great number of skills and talents that will work for your business, but just might not know how to put them in words that apply to the business world. Try using this list of essential skills veterans gain during their military career that was was put together by by MetLife.

Interviews are a great place to start. Dr. Nathan Ainspan and Dr. Karin Orvis offered the Society of Human Resources some excellent tips when it comes to hiring veterans. When interviewing veteran job candidate, learn more about their skills “…by directly asking them questions about their experiences in these areas,” said Dr. Ainspan and Dr. Orvis.  “Ask the veteran job candidate to provide examples of his or her experiences in different assignments and you may hear desirable skills emerge.” Also, ask other veterans within your organization to help during the interview process. They might be able to help translate skills that your organization needs.  You can also contact organizations such as the Veterans Support Coalition New York for help in hiring.

The following is a list of the top 13 jobs employers that are hiring veterans:

1.  Customer Service:  37% of employers hiring for this category

2. Information Technology: 33%

3. Sales: 28%

4. Manufacturing: 26%

5. Distribution & Logistics: 22%

6. Accounting/Finance: 20%

7. Human Resources: 17%

8. Business Development 16%

9. Marketing: 14%

10. Research & Development: 14%

11. Public Relations: 12%

12. Clinical: 11%

13. Legal: 8%

Happy veterans day meme
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