Your organization is growing, and along with it, your bottom line. You and your employees are proud of your business’s success, but you’ve observed that more time is being spent on paperwork administration and less time on strategy. You know your enterprise needs to stay nimble and responsive to your customers’ needs. But when poor risk management and paperwork compliance failures can result in expensive fines — and your company’s culture is changing in a way you don’t like — it’s time to learn how outsourced HR can help grow your business.

The benefits of using an HR outsourcing company (HRO) or an Administrative Service Organization (ASO) are considerable — and not just financially. Jack Welch put it best when he noted that outsourcing HR services increases efficiency, because it turns office administrative headaches into someone else’s front-office priority. At Corban OneSource, we are proud to offer comprehensive HR solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries across America.  Now we will detail by specific HR function how outsourced HR can help grow your business.

how outsourced hr can help grow your business

How Outsourcing Benefits Administration Improves Operational Efficiency

Employee benefits are the second-largest expense faced by employers, and benefits administration is another large job that can be too big and too complicated for a small staff to manage. By entrusting this service to Corban OneSource, your employees will have access to professionally trained call center staff members who fully understand the various benefits packages that your company offers.

Whenever your employees have questions about their benefits, want to enroll in a new program, make changes to their policy, check rates or have any other benefits questions, they can call a dedicated toll-free number to speak with a representative who can help. Our benefits administration service also features various reporting capabilities, secure access to electronic records and call monitoring and recording.

Corban OneSource also ensures that your invoices and payments are made accurately and appropriately. Because paperwork and administrative demands increase as an organization grows, an experienced hand can assist with profit-preserving tasks such as verifying payments and communicating with carriers and brokers. We can also direct you to our legal team when questions arise with legislation such as ERISA, HIPAA and the ACA.

How Outsourced HR Can Help Grow Your Business With Financial Benefits

Payroll and benefits are the two biggest expenses a business incurs. You already know that attracting and retaining the best employees means putting compensation at the top of your priority list. But as your business grows, so does back office administration. And the human resources professional you hired to help you create the culture you want is now bogged down with tasks such as developing an employee handbook, establishing policies and procedures and processing page after page of paperwork. Because more time on administration means less time on strategy, the risk of getting stuck in a quagmire grows every day.

By leveraging our extensive experience as human resources managers, our team has the expertise required to manage essential human resources tasks and tackle the most complicated challenges. We work closely with our clients to provide personalized business processes, ensure compliance and streamline efficiencies. Corban OneSource will act as your human resource’s right hand, furnishing thoughtful assistance and advice that scales as your business does. When your business partners with our human resources outsourcing service (HRO) or Administrative Service Organization (ASO), we can reduce inefficiencies, eliminate redundancies and let your coworkers focus on the jobs they were hired for.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Payroll is the biggest expense incurred by employers, and it’s also one of the most important, time-consuming and least strategic functions. That’s undoubtedly why one of the more popular services we offer our clients is payroll outsourcing. As any executive leader knows, ensuring an accurate, timely payroll is absolutely vital to a company’s success. However, overseeing this one project can also be extremely time-consuming and can monopolize an HR professional’s time. By removing this burden from the department, human resources professionals can focus on other equally important and more strategic services.

Corban OneSource will ensure your payroll is calculated correctly and on time. In addition to managing payroll taxes, we can also ensure employee payments, contributions and wage garnishments are handled appropriately. When payroll is complete we will reconcile each report to guarantee accuracy. And because having access to payroll reporting is essential, you’ll get smartphone-enabled access when you want it.

Is your business going global? Let Corban outsource your HR. The benefits of outsourcing international payroll include leaving concerns about taxation to us.

As a company evolves over time and the number of employees on staff fluctuates, maintaining an effective human resources department may become a challenge. If you outsource your HR to a dedicated, highly skilled team of professionals, you’ll make a sound investment that saves money, reduces the administrative burden and increases your company’s long-term efficiency.

Find out more about how outsourced HR can help grow your business.  Get in touch with Corban OneSource and find out how to outsource your HR and reduce administrative headaches, ensure compliance and benefit your business’s bottom line.  We specialize in companies with 75 to 6,000 Employees.