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Whether you run a hotel, a restaurant or a bar, you need to focus on welcoming new patrons and keeping the ones you’ve earned. You don’t have a minute to spare, and keeping up with human resources paperwork is one of your biggest challenges. Your existing staff members are already swamped with their own responsibilities, but you need help — and you don’t want to hire an additional full-time employee. Is there a full-service HR solution for the hospitality industry that gives you the service you need?

Welcome to Corban OneSource, the best HR outsourcing business serving the hospitality industry. Our team of professionals brings decades of experience to your business, including payroll and benefits administration. We’ll help your business operate at peak efficiency by removing the burdens so familiar to hospitality professionals — burdens such as payroll reconciliation, tracking benefits reimbursements, establishing employee policies and procedures, and keeping up with new hire paperwork. With our help, you can eliminate inefficiencies, and return your employees to work on the tasks they were hired to do.

HR, payroll and benefits administration for the hospitality industry.

Corban OneSource makes it possible to turn your back office administrative headaches into someone else’s front office passion. Make us your employees’ right hand and give us the time-consuming tasks that are necessary but not strategic. Not only will you rest easy knowing that your most important administrative tasks have been addressed promptly and properly, but you’ll also save money. Corban OneSource furnishes our clients with a three-year contract with fixed pricing, and that makes budgeting for your business expenses easier.

Corban OneSource’s services are also available as a comprehensive package or a la carte. Choose full-service HR, payroll and benefits administration outsourcing, or target one or two key areas for improvement. We’ll maximize your organization’s efficiency with ease, because we can customize your human resources outsourcing to meet your specific needs.

Hospitality businesses turn to us for:
  • Personal, customized support. We’ll assign your business with a dedicated team that knows your organization inside and out. You and your employees will gain access to individuals who can answer questions and furnish information. Think of us as an extension of your existing HR team.
  • Payroll processing and reconciliation. Payroll is expensive, necessary and time consuming. It’s also one of the least strategic functions, but handle it improperly and your business could be subject to costly fines. Corban OneSource has the experience to handle payroll plans for businesses of all sizes, from single-location restaurants to multinational hotel chains.
  • Benefits administration outsourcing. Benefits are the second-biggest expense after payroll. Let us administer your benefits plans and protect your bottom line from unnecessary expenses. We can negotiate with carriers and brokers, track payments, verify the accuracy of invoices, answer employee questions, manage enrollment and more.
  • Comprehensive human resources services. Is your business changing? Make sure your policies and procedures are ready. We can develop employee handbooks, address onboarding paperwork, process promotions and raises, and handle separations.
  • More powerful technology. Are you making the most of your existing human resources system, or do you need one? Get in touch. We can make your organization paperless and provide seamless access with one-login convenience.
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