Keeping up with all the paperwork and compliances can be a headache for some organizations' finance and HR personnel. Sometimes, it seems like there is just one thing after another, and no one can keep up. That's when you know you need help from an HR Outsourcing Company.

You need to focus on other things, such as your company's strategy for success in 2021.

Switching to HR outsourcing can save you and your HR and finance personnel a lot of time and money.  Take a look at just two of the ways HR outsourcing can help you focus more on your company's success and not on organizational and administrative issues.

  • HR personnel being buried under paperwork - Attracting and retaining employees is hard work and at the top of your company's list of priorities. If your HR team is bogged down in paperwork and administration, their sole focus isn't on your business objectives or attracting top talent. HR outsourcing is less expensive than one full-time employee. In fact, mid-market companies save over 25% on administrative costs when they use HR outsourcing. It is of substantial worth to have your resources freed up to focus more on your company's strategy for success.
  • Payroll - When it comes to payroll, your HR team faces a mountain of tasks each and every month. From tracking time and attendance, reviewing payments, and reconciling each payroll cycle, their time is consumed with non-strategic and administrative tasks. Manged payroll outsourcing creates custom solutions tailored to fit your payroll needs, such as direct deposits and time cards.

With HR outsourcing, you can say goodbye to wasted time and paperwork headaches and hello to saving money and resources to reach your business goals.

Corban OneSource is here to help your company with 75-6,000 employees. We know each company is different and requires specific solutions in order to succeed. Each of our solutions is customized to serve your organization best. We leverage decades of experience, proprietary technology, and proven best practices to lower risks, increase profitability and employee effectiveness.