HR Outsourcing in Higher Education

Did you know that payroll and benefits are two of the biggest expenses faced by businesses — especially in education? Corban OneSource furnishes full-service HR Outsourcing in Higher Education that preserve resources and reduce inefficiencies while maximizing employee skills and abilities. More than enough justification for higher education to partner with Corban OneSource. You will gain a dedicated partner whose professionals know your industry and its challenges.

Corban OneSource provides human resources, payroll and benefits administration outsourcing for schools whose employees need a helping hand. Think of us as an extension of your human resources department — an extension that allows your team to focus on the responsibilities they were hired for, instead of managing paperwork flow. You’ll also maximize the power of your current HR systems, plus gain the certainty that accompanies knowing our prices won’t change.

When you’re ready to lift administrative burdens and let your staff members focus on strategy, get in touch with Corban OneSource

Human resources, Benefits Administration and Payroll Outsourcing in Higher Education

Tasks such as payroll and benefits administration are necessary for any enterprise, and they have to be done right. These time-consuming jobs aren’t always strategic, but without the proper administration, your school can face costly fines. Corban OneSource takes over these functions and ensures your school or university remains compliant with employment regulations at all times. We also furnish overwhelmed human resources departments with additional support when planning policy and procedure changes, onboarding and separation paperwork processing, manual development and more which is enough justification for higher education to implement HR Outsourcing.  

Your school or university can hire Corban OneSource to manage one or more of your key human resources functions. Schools and universities turn to Corban OneSource for:

  • HR outsourcing for higher education includes live support from dedicated professionals who know the ins and outs of your institution. Corban OneSource will assign your school to a dedicated team of experienced human resources professionals. When you or your employees call, we’ll be able to answer specific questions about your plans, policies and procedures. We help internal HR teams provide knowledgeable, helpful support.
  • Payroll processing, including for global Institutions. Whether your school employs domestic employees or domestic and international employees, we can help. Avoid expensive fines and headaches, and let Corban OneSource handle your payroll process. We manage complex compensation plans while ensuring accurate and timely payments. We can also manage direct deposit, pay cycle reconciliations, payroll tax calculations, employee contributions and more.
  • Benefits administration outsourcing. Don’t pay too much for benefits! Corban OneSource will work with your carriers and brokers, verify the accuracy of your payments and invoices and answer your employees’ questions. Relieve the burden of your human resources team so they can focus on creating a healthy culture.
  • Complete human resources support. If your school or university needs more HR support, get in touch with Corban OneSource. We can help your institution develop policies and procedures that make sense. We can also create an employee handbook, assist with the paperwork burden associated with onboarding and separating employees, and become your team’s right hand.
  • Better technology. Make the most of your human resources technology with us. We can turn your HR function into a paperless environment with one-step login ease — without losing the documentation you need to remain compliant.
  • Ensured compliance. Let us take on the burden of regulation. With Corban OneSource, we’ll make sure your institution follows all employment regulations.

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