More and more organizations are turning to HR outsourcing to streamline their businesses. Considering HR outsourcing may cause many to wonder, however, how does HR outsourcing affect my existing staff? After all, one of the ways that HR outsourcing saves you money is by obviating the need for internal HR staff. So the question you are asking yourself is, what happens to my existing staff when I outsource HR?  Let’s illustrate the HR management responsibilities of line and staff managers.

illustrate the hr management responsibilities of line and staff managers

We Support, You Decide

As with all decisions regarding your company, what happens with your existing staff is up to you. We can help illustrate the HR management responsibilities of line and staff managers and how things get divided up.  Corban OneSource solutions is an HR outsourcing company designed to serve as an additional support staff for you and your business. Corban OneSource may make recommendations as far as your HR personnel, but the ultimate decision will lie with you. And you will have a decision to make, because depending upon how much of Corban OneSource’s HR administration services you decide to avail yourself of, you may find you have very little need for your current HR employees in their current positions. This leaves you with a few options:

Find Other Positions for Your HR Staff

One of the benefits of HR outsourcing is it frees you up to concentrate on tasks more focused on your actual business. This can be true for your staff as well. Presumably you hired your HR staff because you saw qualities in them that you look for employees. Perhaps you can fill existing vacancies with these qualified personnel.

Retrain Them

If your current HR personnel don’t fit any other positions in your organization right now, maybe you can train them to do so. They’ve been with the company a while and probably don’t want to move on right away, so you may find some willing trainees ready to put their abilities to work in the service of the company in other, more direct ways than HR.  At the end of the day you illustrate the HR management responsibilities of line and staff managers and how things get divided up going forward.

If you are interested in pursuing an HR outsourcing solution that can not only save you money but streamline your company’s HR process, then you and Corban OneSource have a lot to talk about. Contact Corban OneSource today to find out how an outsourced HR team can completely change your business for the better. We specialize in companies with 75 to 6,000 employees.