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Don’t Forget The Past Learn From It / April 2020 Monthly Update From Corban OneSource

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Industry landscapes continue to shift as we all try to define what the new normal will be. Four-day workweeks? New consumer attitudes? However things shake out, it won’t be the same as before. With current focus on COVID-19 strategies, it can be hard to remember to plan ahead during this uncertain time. Don’t forget the past learn from it.  Don’t be left unprepared. Consider how the future is shaping and keep moving forward.


Corban OneSource, CEO

If these uncertain times took you by surprise, it’s not too late to take a look at ways to remain a steadfast leader and help ensure your business’ success.

Excerpt from above article:

Don’t forget the past learn from it

Some leaders we know are using the financial crisis of 2008-09 as a jumping off-point for their current planning. And while it is wise to learn from successes of the past, the best leaders understand that they are planning for a new future, and that the past is just that — something that happened once upon a time. And what turned into big wins for HR, operations, sales, marketing and other departments 10 years ago might not see such success in 2020.

After all, that epidemic was purely financial — business leaders didn’t have to worry about the added public health and safety concerns of their employees, customers or business partners. Because of this, it’s important to think of this monthly economic crisis recovery as something entirely new.  

One of the biggest differences today, for example, is the idea that employees can work successfully from home. Many companies who thought it would never work, who discouraged it in the past, are not only going it — they’re doing it well. And they’re finding that what their employees need to do great work isn’t necessarily what tradition has taught. As companies rework their budgets for the future, what will that mean for overhead costs like physical office space in the future?

Businesses have also figured out how to deliver essential goods and services in completely new ways, including the handling (or not) of goods during the shopping process. How will these new processes change not only the employee experience, but the customer experience in the future? None of these things were factors in past financial crises —  they weren’t even factors at the beginning of 2020. But in short order, the best leaders are making them work.

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don't forget the past learn from it

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