Google. Not only is it one of the most popular and sought-after work places, but also so famous that it is its own verb. Google is well-known for its innovation and culture. As a human resources professional, their administration is something I have looked to on many occasions. A company as such must run like a well-oiled machine, meaning that they have experimented and designed a culture and work space that is so obviously successful. In the video above, Google’s HR practices are discussed by its VP of Human Operations Linda Hornsey.  One aspect would be to emulate Google HR Policies pdf for your company handbook.

From culture, hiring processes, Google HR Policies pdf,  and overall HR practices, Hornsey discusses it all in the video. When it comes to culture, Hornsey states that Google tries to hire people who will fit the innovative and relaxed culture, but one interesting thing Google does is consensus hiring. Instead of one person making all the choices, multiple levels of current employees also interview to see if the potential gets along with more than just one person in the department. Hornsey also states that they never make decisions “on the fly.” Everything is carefully thought out and discussed. She contributes this to being a part of maintaining the culture.

However, Hornsey states that her big light bulb moment was when she really started believing that her success was linked to the success of other people. When she realized that her success as a manager was defined by the success of her team, she changed her ways as a manager. One of the most important parts about being a leader is having a realization just like this. It reminds me of the saying “Team work makes the dream work.” Working together as a team allows for everyone’s strengths to come together, builds trust, and allows for the feeling of success across multiple people. As a leader of that team, helping and watching them succeed really adds to your personal feelings of success.

Take a look at the video above and let us know what you think about what she has to say.  And pay attention to ideas from Google HR Policies pdf for ideas for your HR Policy Handbook.  

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Google HR Policies pdf