As a kid, there seemed to be nothing more terrifying than entering a new school, trying to make new friends, making good grades, navigating the hallways and most importantly, having somewhere to sit at lunch. While those school days are over, the nervous feeling of entering a new place, such as a company, hasn’t changed much. Of course, there are feelings of excitement for a new adventure, but figuring out a new job can be challenging. As the age old saying goes, “You will never have a second chance to make a good first impression.” So, when starting a new job, start off well.  Society for Human Resources Management blogger Rue Dooley had it right when he said, “For the first year, be on time, be diligent, arrive early, leave late, take shorter breaks than others, study, be nice to everyone, volunteer for the grunt work, and have fewer excuses.” In order to make a lasting impression, you must make a lasting effort.  The new job meme below covers the team work issue humorously.

new job meme
Doing these things for the first month or two will help you form your impression, but continuing to be proactive about it is really what makes a difference. Supervisors notice the effort.

You want to show your supervisors that they made the right decision in hiring you.

The beginning of your time at the company is a learning experience. Make the most out of it by learning from others, learning from your experiences, and getting to know the ropes. Take initiative in volunteering to help out other employees or grunt work. Learning the ropes of other jobs just might help you with your own.

By volunteering to help out other employees, you can grow your relationships with your co-workers. Check out the new job meme above on how NOT to volunteer to help.   INC contributor Drew Hendricks made several suggestions for new employees. When it comes to making friends with your co-workers, Hendricks recommends to smile, ask questions, and be interested. “You’re going to enjoy punching the clock much more if you genuinely like the people around you,” states Hendricks. “Get started on the right foot by being friendly.” Maybe they will invite you to sit with them at lunch, so you can avoid that middle/high school cafeteria terror.

In order to form relationships with your co-workers, you need to know their names. Yes, you will be overwhelmed in the beginning, but remembering everyone’s name will be a major help to you. Make it a goal of yours to remember. Address them by name whenever possible and repeat it to yourself. Some people say that names are just not there thing and have a difficult time remembering. If this is you, don’t be afraid to ask for help, but make it a point to remember the second time.

When it comes down to it, give your new job your all. As a new employee, you need to work harder than anyone else. Giving 120 percent every day will show others that you want to be there, want to learn, and want to do a good job. Eventually, you will make a mistake. Leaving a good first impression helps your supervisor and co-workers see your talents and skills and realize that it was a mistake and not something you do often. Most importantly, good luck and don’t do what the employee in the new job meme above did.

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