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July 2021 Monthly Update | Recruiter Tiktok Challenges

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The economy is heating up again after a once in a century health crisis. The question is how many do you hire back?  Let’s start with two newer hiring methods Recruiter Tiktok Challenges and Mobile.  Then we examine HR Outsourcing (HRO) for Churches and Assisted Living.  Finally, we have a guide to creating company policies for all those new employees and HRO’s. 


Corban OneSource, CEO
Recruiter Tiktok Challenges

Excerpt from the above article:

Okay, after hearing about all of the Recruiter Tiktok Challenges, I thought it was finally time to take a deep dive into the Do’s and Don’ts and other  Recruiter Tiktok Challenges. I am not a Recruiter TikTok, so I thought for the purpose of this blog, I must download the app! Upon login, I was immediately blasted with a video. It took a moment to orient myself as random videos flashed on my screen, but soon after I was swiftly navigating around the app. I checked out trending hashtags and videos, then unexpectedly, I found myself laughing aloud! From men doing dramatic jumps off of ledges for pizza rolls waiting for them at home, to a woman recording a video about the co-worker you are annoyed with during Zoom® meetings, I was easily (and quickly) entertained.

I then decided to get serious, and search for “career advice”, since that was a recent hashtag trending on Tiktok  (and that is probably a bit more relevant for this blog than a video showing someone running home for pizza rolls.) What I thought would be a series of more serious videos, were actually more videos that made me laugh out loud! I wasn’t expecting career advice to be both educational and entertaining! Could Recruiter Tiktok Challenges really be worth it, I thought?

In this blog, we will take a look at what Recruiter Tiktok Challenges could mean: Is it really the right platform to be recruiting on? What are the benefits of using it? What kind of videos do you post on it? What are somethings you need to consider before using it? We will look into all of these questions and even explore the rumored new job service that Recruiter TikTok is currently piloting.

First, what is TikTok?
Before downloading the app, I knew what TikTok was, but you never really know how it works until you use it first-hand. If you are very much not familiar with TikTok, it is a social media application that allows you to create short form videos. To your videos you can add effects, filters, increase speed, add a background, splice videos together, and more! If you are viewing videos, you can view by topic, trending hashtags, search for hashtags or topics, and even follow users. You will find all sorts of videos on the application from dancing videos, to pranks, to how to videos, to videos for just pure comedy. There is not one type of TikTok video out there!

That’s cool, but what’s all the buzz about?
In 2020, TikTok became the most downloaded app worldwide, overtaking Facebook, Instagram, and Zoom.(1) The App Annie State of Mobile report shows TikTok is currently on track to hit 1.2 billion active users in 2021. Demographic wise, 78% of TikTok users are under 39 with 30% falling between the ages of 20-29 based on a recent report published by Statista.(2) While the age group is younger, what is important to note is that Millennials and Gen Z’s are becoming the largest demographic in the workforce as Baby Boomers retire. Millennials have already become the largest group of professionals in the U.S. Labor Force, making up 1/3 of employees.(3)

If one thing is for certain despite the Recruiter Tiktok Challenges TikTok usage is rapidly on the rise, especially for younger generations. Companies want to be able to get in front of the right candidates for opportunities, which is why more companies have taken head on the Recruiter Tiktok Challenges, where the largest demographic in the workforce is spending their time.

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