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Everyone has those days where they want to do nothing but lounge around in their pajamas all day. Enter the idea of working from home. From the comfort of your own couch and pajamas, you can send emails, create presentations, and avoid commuting to work. Instead, you can telecommute. As technology continues to develop, the idea of working from home and telecommuting has become a topic of debate in the human resources and administration world. It may make your old meeting room look like the work from home gif above.  Several studies have found various results about employee productivity level, but some studies have looked into what specifically makes working from home productive.

Psychological Science in the Public Interest journal reported that an employee who works from home is most productive when both the needs of the employee and the business are met. According to the report, productivity levels were found to be positive when working from home was done in moderation. Employees who worked from home, but also spent a proportional time in the office were found to be the most productive at home. It’s well known that face-to-face always works better in business than that of a phone call or video conference, so also spending time in the office is key to a healthy and productive balance.

Huffinton Post Senior Writer Carolyn Gregoire asked Dr. Tammy Allen, an organizational psychologist at the University of South Florida and co-author of the study about working from in moderation. In Gregoire’s article “New Study Decodes When Working From Home Is Actually Productive“, Dr.Allen stated, “There are a variety of factors to consider, such as job responsibilities, individual desires and capabilities, and organizational needs and practices. It is important to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. “The study concluded that working from home had the most beneficial outcomes when specific conditions were met.

However, when working from home, the boundaries of timing and normal working hours can get blurry.Technology continues to impact and alter what is considered the normal working hours. Sometimes, it’s easier for managers or supervisors to reach out to their employees about projects during the evening hours or non-traditional work hours. A Society for Human Resource Management blogger Lori Kleiman reports that, ” 36% of employees receive emails from managers outside traditional work hours.”

Because of it’s so easy to communicate with co-workers now, an employee can be reached at the push of a button at any given hour. However, new overtime laws changed what is considered to be overtime and overtime payment. ” If an employee who is no longer exempt from overtime is receiving and reading an email, they will likely be owed pay for the time they are working,” says Kleiman. “To ensure you are classifying your employees properly, check out the Department of Labor page on the subject at FLSA at DOL site.” Despite the seemingly far-away date, it is important to be aware of changing payroll laws. Take a quick look at the FLSA to make sure you understand and can apply its rules to your business.

So, as the age old saying goes, everything in moderation. Also, be wary of what you are wearing in video conferences or video webinars. In other words, make sure you are wearing pants.

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