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Distributed Workforce Management | HR News October 2021 Monthly Update

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The most common question I get these days is are you back in the office, a hybrid or remote?  See our feature article on handling a distributed workforce management which was caused by turbulent times and recent trends in the next two articles.  Also see articles on Temporary Workers, HR in Financial Services, Traditions in the workplace, Employee Productivity and Outsourcing HR.


Corban OneSource, CEO

Excerpt from above Article.  

It is no secret that remote work is on the rise. While there is no shortage of statistics to help confirm this trend, Forbes argues that the most telling indication is companies’ willingness to hire remote employees. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, only 12% of companies surveyed said they would be open to hiring a 100% remote workforce; since September 2020, that figure has tripled to 36% of companies willing to hire remotely. 

Although this shift creates many opportunities for companies, there is denying that it creates some seismic shifts for HR departments. The following breakdown looks at some challenges, advice, and best practices for HR departments trying to handle a distributed workforce. Read more to get a head start on the new paradigm of work.  



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