Welcome to your The leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture.  Each year, the average American workplace changes. The demand for higher standards centered around corporate culture in the workplace is on the rise. New employees entering the workforce want better treatment and options, and those are often deciding factors when it comes to sticking around or looking for another job. A good work experience isn’t dictated by salary or the company fun budget, but rather how employees feel coming to work every day.

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Check out these three trends that will further shake up corporate culture and how workplace life will change this year.

Gen Z is Entering the Workforce

People born after 1996 (Gen Z) are starting to graduate high school, finish their college degrees, and enter the workforce. In Spring of 2018, 61 million Gen Z young adults graduated and entered the workforce. Companies that want to lure talent from the next generation of graduates need to position their brand as unique and enticing to candidates.

This generation, more than ever, wants to work someplace exciting and cool. If your company can’t promise at least an educational and healthy work environment, then your talent pool is going to shrink.

Furthermore, this also means that Millennials are stepping into leadership roles if they haven’t already. Without the right training, they might not be prepared to usher in this new wave of workers.  

Companies Will Improve Their Employee Training

Speaking of training, competitive companies need to use training for both succession planning and employee retention. Almost 90 percent of Millennials say professional development and career growth is important to them.

If an employee sees that their company isn’t investing in them through training and education, then they’re going to leave for a company that will. Training proves to employees that they are valued and shows them that management supports their future advancement. Plus, if you don’t invest in employee training, any internal promotions to management will be grossly unprepared.

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Employers Need to Focus on the Employee Experience

More companies than ever are taking an “Employee First,” approach in a shift from the “Customer First,” mentality of yore. If employees are miserable, then they are going to do the bare minimum in their jobs. However, when employees feel respected and appreciated in a healthy work environment, they want to go above and beyond to create a positive customer experience.  

Focusing on the employee experience will also help with retention, leadership training, and recruitment. If your employees aren’t appreciated or treated well, they won’t hesitate to walk out the door — and tell all of their friends that your company should be avoided. Your company needs good workers and should take steps to retain them.  

You don’t have to take these trends and completely change every aspect of your company to accommodate your staff. However, there are steps you can take today to stay up-to-date with modern times. Review your employee recruitment and training programs or test employee workplace satisfaction.

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