80% of companies turn to HR software to manage various HR functions, from recruiting and onboarding new employees to administering benefits to processing payroll. In fact, companies use an average of five different software–many with redundant features. As companies look to consolidate the software used in the HR department, choosing comprehensive HR technology with a suite of features is becoming more attractive. From large enterprises to small and mid-sized businesses, some are turning to Workday as a solution for their HR software challenges. To streamline Workday application status more effectively, companies can opt to outsource Workday functions. Let’s dive into how outsourcing can help your organization.

workday application status
Through Workday, HR departments can manage a wide range of business functions to streamline operations. From managing talent to processing payroll, Workday has the functionality needed to effectively support HR departments.

Talent Management

With companies facing fierce talent competition, it’s more important than ever to find a way to manage talent from the initial recruitment stage to onboarding, training, and employee performance. The Workday platform gives employers the ability to do just that. The talent acquisition and recruitment module gives HR departments the tools to boost candidate quality, streamline the application process, and efficiently screen applications.

Once employees are hired, HR departments can use Workday to provide skill development opportunities. With its learning management component, companies can develop learning campaigns and content for employees to utilize. The talent optimization module enables companies to manage employee skills, improve performance, and deliver data-driven feedback.

The Workday application status can be made even more efficient by leveraging an experienced HRO to manage Workday functions. Corban OneSource has been helping companies leverage technology to improve their HR departments for nearly 30 years and understands how important finding and retaining talent is to their operations.

Workforce Management

Workday also enables employers to efficiently manage their workforce. The platform includes time and attendance tracking that gives real-time insights into who’s clocking in and out and if any check-ins are missing. Employers can also access trends to give valuable labor trend insights. The scheduling tool makes it easier for employers to create schedules that align with employee wants and needs. At the same time, the scheduling tool enables managers to control labor costs and maintain compliance by avoiding over- or under-scheduling.

Payroll Processing

Traditionally, payroll is a time and labor-intensive task for the HR department to manage. The Workday application status includes continuous payroll processing that offers real-time visibility into payroll trends and audits that can be automated to detect anomalies. Additionally, the platform is designed to ensure compliance with changing payroll regulations.

Corban OneSource has been providing payroll administration services for more than two decades. We’ll work with you to optimize your internal payroll systems to ensure your payroll is error-free and compliant.

HR Management

With Workday’s HR management features, companies can streamline everything from benefits to compliance. The benefits administration module enables employers to manage benefits plans and eligibility rules. Employees have a better experience with a platform that enables them to access all benefits-related information and tasks in one place and navigate a seamless enrollment experience. For many companies, benefits are critical, yet overlooked. Corban OneSource can help companies with 75 to 6,000 employees control benefits costs and offer attractive incentives for employees through the Workday platform.

Human Capital Management

When it comes to people, Workday has the tools to manage human capital effectively. When employees have higher expectations for their employers, finding the best way to engage these employees is crucial. Workday gives employers the tools to deliver personalized experiences for each employee, leveraging data to provide relevant insights and recommendations for each user.

Workforce planning also provides useful features to adapt as the business changes over time. HR departments can model different hiring, transfer, and retention plans to see what the cost would be to the business. With this feature, companies can shorten planning cycles and improve productivity.

To make tools like Workday even more efficient and improve cost control measures, companies with 75 to 6,000 employees can choose to outsource HR functions to an HRO like Corban OneSource. We’ll work with you and your HR software to ensure payroll, benefits, and HR administration are accurate, error-free, and compliant with all relevant regulations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization.